Variety is The Spice Of Life

Picture of Kelley Fitz 65Bubbles

Chicken on Monday, Beef on Tuesday, Spaghetti on Wednesday and each day after is the same each and every week....BORING!! Some love the same ole same ole routine everyday of their lives. Then you have those of us who would go bonkers living that way.

Being the person I am and loving some variety I've made a managers decision. My whole website and blog were going to be about Congenital Hypothyroidism but I've decided to put a spin on it, because I can.

Finding out so much about my disease and myself over the past year I'm also going to indulge in posting my crafts and photos or whatever comes to mind. If that doesn't scare you I'll show you the world through my eyes.

I'm 51 years old but there are times I feel like I'm seeing things for the first time like a 5 year old. It can be fun but also a bit scary realizing that I'm doing it alone. There aren't many things I haven't been labeled but I'm okay with being a bit "odd". Never have I been like the "in crowd" so now that I know why I'm good with being me. That in itself isn't always easy.

There's been more times that I've been told I need to find a filter before I say things and maybe I do. I just laugh because I say what so many others are thinking. We all have "Seinfeld" moments in life and I'm going to share some of the funnier ones.

With all of that said my goal is to post 2-3 times a week some of the more interesting or comical moments in my everyday life. I'll bet some of you have had the same thoughts or situations in life. As different as we all are we really aren't.